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Dr Stephen Dann, B.A., B.COM (Hons-1st Class), G.C.H.E., Ph.D, SFHEA

Welcome to Please, do enjoy your stay. This fine electronic establishment is home to the Lego Serious Play and Higher Education work of Dr Stephen Dann.

He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), author of several textbooks, and multi-award winning educator. He is the recipient of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference Emerging Educator award, two time ANU College of Business and Economics Education Innovation award, and the Australian National University Vice Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. 

He has been an innovator and influencer of higher education for the past two decades, bringing technology to the classroom, and the classroom to the technology in equal measure. In 2020, he was part of a coauthor team producing the ANU College of Business and Economics Remote Teaching Working Party Recommendations, and sole authored both the Research School of Management Implementation Manual, and an Online by Design guidebook.

In addition to the in-class activity, Stephen is a Certified Lego Serious Play practitioner trained by Inthrface (DK). He ventured to Legoland, to the Temple of Bricks, to learn the ways of Lego Serious Play, and now brings this modern artform of meaning making, story-telling and creative thinking to academic, corporate and student clients across Australia and the world.  His Lego Serious Play workshops bring audiences on a journey of discovery, learning, and quickly assembled models of Lego that come to life with stories, embedded meanings, and decidedly fabulous color schemes. Plus, because he’s a believer in the Creative Commons Attribution share-alike ideals, much of his custom homebrew Lego Serious Play work is available for download and use through here.