Higher Education

Performing the University: When 2020 shifted the University Sector into emergency access education modes, we lost a lot of the nuances of the University as a Place and Space. Based on inspiration from a number of UK Advance HE workshops, and working with my students, I wrote a guide about how to ‘feel at University’ even when the University was the same screen you used for the rest of your life.

Remote Teaching Working Party: Between semesters in 2020, I was part of a taskforce to help the ANU College of Business and Economics create a set of teaching recommendations and online education policy suggestions for the Semester 2, 2020 Remote Teaching experience.

Teaching Online by Design: 2020 was a challenging year for the sector, and a major source of personal and professional validation as my Online by Design approach to semester had me ready to switch to Online Emergency Education, and then help my colleagues transition to the Virtual University. I helped coauthor the College oof Business and Economics Online

Textbooks: textbooks, I’ve written a few. From the start of my career through to my last book in 2011, this chronicles what I wrote, and the supporting materials developed to support those academics who adopted our texts. Textbook writing was integral to who I saw myself as an academic, up until it became obvious that the industry itself was in a self-combusting spiral of mergers and buy-outs where the students were losing out on price, the writers losing out on royalties, and all three publishers basically having one book with adaptations, and no real interest in new content for different contexts. Still, it was a rush whilst it lasted, and it lasted quite the decade.

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