Creating a course structure for learning engagement

Each student, per subject has 120 to 130 hours notionally assigned to them to perform their university life. Our task with Online by Design is to create a space where they feel connected to the University Performance

  • Fixed and recurring events within the subject: Setting dates for events, times for live/synchronous events, and having a fixed structure of office hours, consultation times, and appearances within the LMS forums
  • Consistent virtual spaces: Pre-establish and maintain locations for key events eg if you are going to hold virtual open offices, establish the time, and the forum (Teams, Zoom, Wattle Forum) where you will be located. 
  • Checking in, waypoints and touchpoints: It’s worth establish a template and routine for the weekly check in with the cohort, inclusive of updating the expectations for the week in terms of content, any reactions to the contemporary landscape, and news for the course.  These can be short written vignettes in the Wattle Course Announcement forums, or quick videos captured through ECHO360, phone videos, or direct to camera pieces record on the computer.

Course Maps: Semester and Session