Document Design Philosophy

The following document is a living document, based on my experience, research, sitting in a large number of AdvanceHE webinars on the UK experience of remote and distance learning, and our own CBE Remote Working Party Group.  Materials here range from basic to advanced, and where it’s something that you’ve already learnt, done or experienced, consider it a validation of your approach.  Not everything in here will work for everyone, and no one should feel obligated to do all of the suggestions, try all of the tools and study all of the courses.

All teaching philosophies functionally exist as a combination of experience of receiving education, and experience in practice of teaching.  There are no one size fits all solutions to any given discipline, subject area or subject matters.  So the following elements are provided as a way to consider the experience of others as an adjunct to your own practice, and to draw on what integrates well into your practice, and to pursue extensions, enhancements or new opportunities as required, without feeling you need start from scratch.

The document is based on personal teaching experience online by design and emergency remote access, peer guidance, and information from Advance HE (UK) seminars on Emergency Remote teaching, and online teaching best practice.  The aim is to produce a guiding set of principles to help decision making processes in areas of uncertainty, and more specific best practice advice where global standards have emerged. Where it works, it was all about your implementation, and you get the credit. Where it doesn’t work, it’s all about the suggestion, and I’ll accept credit for that outcome.

Where you recognise your work is connected to mine, and you have assets, resources, citations and links, please reach out and let me know –, @stephendann on twitter, and I’ll update to link to your work. This document emerged as I consolidated index cards, notepads and experience into a written form, and as such, attributions that have been lost in the merger can be fixed in post.