Preflight System Checks

Having designed a course, cross check against the following expectations

Some traps to avoid – although the source article is more k-12 focused in nature, the areas to assess your own online-by-design strategy remain the same

  • Avoiding the Online as content only: Have I looked into the interactivity opportunities, collaboration options, shared virtual spaces and other approaches? In addition to the core course materials, what else beyond PDFs and videos is present in the LMS site?
  • Sidestepping the One-size-fits-all approaches: Am I open to having multiple ways to experience and explore my subject? Have I set more than one path to the learning outcome, and if so, does this flexibility allow me to trust students to follow their own learning approaches?
  • Enabling students to collectively learn in in isolation conditions: Are there structured opportunities for group based activity outside of assessment tasks or class times? What opportunities are in place to encourage collaboration without forcing mandatory activity?
  • Reassessing my options in Online by Design: Have I take the time to reassess what I can do, and what I need to learn, and what I could stretch myself to learn, in order to deliver online by design for Semester 2 and beyond?  This is particularly important where you’ve