Reflective Planning

When thinking through Online by Design for a semester, the following set of questions are suggested for reflection

  1. What does Online by Design through digital delivery let me do with my teaching?
    1. What can I do differently through online delivery?
    2. What can I do better online than I can face to face?
    3. What can I do with a digital delivery that I couldn’t do in an offline space?
  2. How can I help the students to reach their learning outcomes?
    1. How can I use a specific technology to help my students reach a learning outcome?
    2. Is there a learning outcome that is better suited to being delivered through a specific online education technology?
  3. How do we ensure that we are assessing the learning rather than the mode of teaching?
    1. What are the goals of my Learning Outcomes?
    2. How do I want to measure the goals?
  4. How do we embody inclusive design at the core, not as the afterthought?
    1. What do I need for my own inclusive design needs?
    2. What can I build into my course from the ground up?
    3. What can I seek out in terms of university systems and support?
  5. How do we deploy our personal workloads wisely?
    1. How much of my time needs to be invested here?
    2. How can I get additional returns on this time invested?