Creativity Kit

The Lego Puddle, aka the Lego Creativity Kit. A masterpiece in the pre-covid world where leaving 20 kilos of Leggo on a table for people to share, build, make and create always seemed like a good idea. We’ll have to see what hand sanitizer does to Lego bricks before deciding if the Lego Puddle gets a revival.

Whilst not strictly adhering the LSP process, and usually performed as free building activity, “Builder owns the meaning of the model” was often encouraged, as was the process of knolling the puddle into colours or shapes.

How it works: The Open Creativity Kit is thirty (30) kilograms of Lego® bricks derived from a range of Lego Creativity products.  This kit supports an open build environment for participants to explore their creativity, construct, sort and just interact with the Lego in a low pressure environment.  It can be used as a standalone station at open days and unconferences, or integrated into a conference delivery environment (The Lego Room).

Key Features:

  • Individual or group activity
  • Unstructured environment to express creativity
  • Provides tactile and kinetic engagement during conference discussions
  • Requires sponsor booth or similar physical environment space.

What we provided to make it happen

  • 20 to 30kg of Lego bricks
  • Clean up and installation
  • Table cloth and brick tracking (aka picking pieces up off the floor)
  • Signage including “Please touch the exhibit” signs to encourage engagement.

See it in use

How it began: The Unconference Canberra Lego Room

Conference Events and unConference Events

Crowd Round

The Creative Station

ANU Open Days

Please Touch the Exhibit (Two week art exhibit and residency at ANU Pop Up Gallery)

Playful Learning UK Conference


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