Window Exploration Bag

The Window Exploration Bag is a small package of potential. Built around a 49 piece set, served in a single use bag, the WEB is designed for large groups, and high volume events. Sold in a box of 100 units, it ships, lands, and you have a “And now what?” moment upon opening it for the first time.

This,, times 100, and the sinking realisation that these are single use bag.

Here’s what I’ve done with my WEB sets – turned them in the Window Exploration Kit with the Adafruit Window Tin.

Using the tin gives me some options within the exercises, provides a reusable case for the participant, and, given the horrendous desk free lecture theatre venues of the world, a microtable for use in building and displaying the models.

I’ve also created sorting sheets for bringing the 49 pieces into a semblance of order.


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